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  • Marla Roeser

Standby Guardianship

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

As a parent, I had an unexpected feeling of anxiety out on a much deserved, rare, and needed date night with my husband. The kids were at home watching a movie with a very responsible babysitter. Everything was fine. So why the anxiety?

Thoughts I never had before becoming a parent kept popping in my head. What if we get into an accident? What will happen to the kids? We have an estate plan so in the event we die, a plan is in place. But what if we are hurt? Our parents live out of state. What will happen to our kids?

In 2018, Maryland developed a Stand-by Guardian form that allows parents to name a standby guardian for their children for up to 180 days and gives them the power to:

  • Provide for the children’s physical and mental well-being, food, and shelter

  • Make educational decisions,

  • Medical treatment decisions and to access medical records and other personal information

  • Make travel arrangements

  • Take other action in the best interests of the child

The form was originally designed for parents who were concerned about immigration action, yet it is generally applicable to all parents who want to plan for the care of their children. Planning is a great way to alleviate the anxiety so you can focus on living your life.

It's never too late (or too soon) to get started on your plan. Schedule a complimentary phone call with me and let's begin the conversation today.

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