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  • Marla Roeser

Dying Without a Will in Maryland

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

If you die without a will, you have died “intestate”. If you die without a Will in Maryland, your spouse receives one-half of your estate and your children inherit the other half. If you have minor children, your children inherit but, because they are minors, they can't take control of the money and guardian is appointed. Who they are raised by is also up for grabs. Not your desired result? Write a Will or Trust! With a basic Will you can direct where your money goes, name a guardian to care for your children and set up a trust and with a named a trustee to control your assets for the benefit of your children. All predetermined by you!

If you die without a will in Maryland and you have no children, half goes to your spouse and the other half to your parents! Not your desired result? Write a Will.

We highly recommend that you seek legal counsel and, together, draft a will or estate plan, so that guardianships of minors and the distribution of your estate are not left to the Maryland legislature to decide. Schedule a free consultation to get YOUR plan in place.

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